Covid - 19 Studio Policy Updated 18/07/2020

Kids Classes

We are excited about the reopening of Aerial Gymnastics London. As always our top priority is the safety of our staff and students. Due to this we have been working very hard to ensure the safety for all our members and staff upon our reopening. Please find below the information and safety protocols that will be put in place. As we operate inside East London Gymnastics Centre we recommend taking the time to read their guidelines also. Please click here to access E.L.G.C's Covid Return Policy.

Please note all changes are to be followed strictly with zero exceptions.

Covid-19 Protocols for Parents/Guardians/Minors

  • Drop off zone for the gymnasts will be at the main entrance where a member of staff will take a temperature check of the gymnast and ensure they sanitise their hands upon entry.

  • Parents or anyone not taking part in that class will not be allowed in the centre. PARENT/RESPONSIBLE ADULT MUST STAY WITH their child/children until the Temperature check has been completed and the gymnast is cleared to enter class.

  • Any child who shows a temperature of 37.9C or over will not be allowed into the building and must be taken home immediately and follow government guidelines/self-isolate.

  • All members will be unable to use the car park. (Please note you can park in the ASDA car park for up to 3 hours at your own risk)

  • The collection area of your child/children following their class will be at the Small Gymnasium fire exit around the back of the car park. Please ensure you stand in the positions marked on the floor and wait patiently for your child's name to be called out. At this point, you walk towards the fire exit to collect your child/children and continue following the exit signs of the car park. 

  • Social distancing spaces will be marked out at each piece of apparatus for gymnasts to stand and wait patiently and will be monitored by their coach.

  • The main downstairs toilets will only be used by Aerial Gymnastics London members during the time​

  • Gymnasts must arrive prepared in their gymnastics attire as there will be no changing rooms available in the building. This is to limit the shared use of spaces throughout the centre. 

  • We recommend that gymnasts bring their own bottle of water and must be clearly labeled with their name (Must have a sports lid bottle). However, water will still be available to purchase at reception and the receptionist will label the bottle for them.​

  • If any parents wish to speak with a coach a meeting time will need to be booked through the Head of General Gymnastics via email. This will take place over zoom or a designated room if possible or necessary.

  • A safe zone will be created if we feel a gymnast falls unwell and/or starts to show any possible signs of COVID Symptoms, the parents will be called and a safe collection of gymnasts will be arranged.

  • AGL will be required to comply with NHS Track and Trace if requested. 

  • All class fees are strictly non-refundable.

Parent Guardian Entrance / Exit Procedure

Aerial Entrance Only.jpg


1. Entrance point car park gate one 

One parent to escort the gymnast within the lines which will be clearly marked out. please pay close attention to the 2m social distancing marks.

2. Gymnast drop off 

Once you have arrived to the gymnast drop off point a member of staff will check the gymnasts temperature. If ok gymnasts will proceed to sanitise their hands and enter the building. A member of staff will take gymnasts through to the gymnasium.

3. Parent to Exit Gate 2 

Once the temperature check has been accepted and the hand off to coach has been completed the parent is to follow the designated route to exit the car park. 

Aerial Collection Only.jpg


1. Entrance point car park gate one

Follow the designated route to collection point.

2. Gymnast Collection 

From collection point, your gymnast will be called out to you by the coach. you are to proceed to the collection point and  collect your gymnast via the side of the building shown on the diagram above.

3. Parent and Gymnast to Exit Gate 2