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Kids Aerial Gymnastics Grants

Here at AGL, we are committed to providing our services to those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford their classes. Whilst our grants are open to everyone and there are no specific requirements to be eligible we do give priority to low-income households. 

To apply for a grant you must first receive a class space offer, once an offer has been received we will then be able to process your grant application. Please use the below button to join our waiting list. 

Below you will find our grant application, we ask that you give as much detail as possible throughout your application as this will increase your chance of a successful application. Once you have filled out your grant form please email it to us at

Please note, if you are successful with receiving a grant, we require a 89% attendance level. If you would like more information on how our grants run, please download this grant information pack. 


How long does a grant last?

  • Grants are awarded on quaterly basis, depending on when you apply, a grants can last 2-3months. 

Do you have to reapply after your first grant?

  • Yes, we cannot guarantee you a grant spot for longer than the current term awarded. At the end of your term, you will need to complete an evaluation form and re-apply for another grant.

Where is the money awarded from?

  • AGL's grants are completely self-funded through our own profits. We take 10% from paying customer's fees each month and use this towards our grant scheme and where possible add additional money each month. Due to this, each term our grant fund differs and this is why everyone must re-apply each term.

Who sees the application?

  • Our grant applications are only seen by our grants administrators and company director (who signs off each grant). Our instructors or other staff members do not have knowledge of who is awarded a grant to ensure every child is treated equally during classes. 

Got another question? Please email it in and we will post the answer here!

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