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Is Aerial Yoga harder than normal Yoga?

A question always asked and we're here to finally answer!

First - What's yoga?

Before we look at if something is harder or not we need to first look at what yoga is. With so many different types of Yoga were going to base this blog on a vinyasa flow. Vinyasa is a very well-known type of yoga where you move between poses and focus on your breathing. Some of the more complicated moves include headstands and handstands which can take years to master! However, the beauty of a Vinyasa flow is that everything is accessible and each person can learn at their own pace.

What is Aerial Yoga?

Aerial Yoga combines vinyasa flow and aerial swings to create a practice that is full of movement, playfulness, and freedom. With the support of the hammocks/slings, advanced poses such as handstand, headstand, shoulder stand, and peacock pose become easily accessible to all. Many aerial yoga classes will start with pranayama meditation followed by creative flow moving from one pose to the next, whether it’s on the mat or in the hammock you will get the chance to explore a deep and slow flow.

So... Is it harder?

In all honesty, it's really hard to say! The swing/sling used in aerial yoga provides a lot of support which in turn makes many moves/poses more achievable. However, once you start to progress you will rely less on the support of the sling but use it as an extension to your own body. This will open you up to many moves that are physically impossible without the use of the sling and well... this can make it "harder". The truth is, whilst yoga and aerial yoga are similar we have to try our best to look at them as 2 very different things! By doing this, we avoid comparing them and give our body a chance to try something new and make our own decision if it's right for us or not!


So, whilst the answer is not clear, we hope this blog will help you understand some of the similarities and differences between yoga and aerial yoga. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog!

We hope this little read will help you in making the leap to try your first yoga or aerial yoga class!

If you have any questions regarding this blog please get in touch.

All the best and happy flying

Team AGL


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