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Aerial Gymnastics London (AGL) is London’s leading aerial school combining gymnastic and circus elements within the same class. Based in East London Beckton AGL was originally founded in 2017 as a safe environment for children aged 5-16 to learn new skills. AGL offers all students a comprehensive learning environment filled with a variety of support and enjoyment. With us you will follow a carefully laid out program designed to combine gymnastics and circus skills such as acrobatics, aerial hoop, aerial sling and trapeze. Your children will learn with our incredibly talented and inspiring coaches who all have many years experience performing as a gymnast and in the circus industry. Our team members will go the extra mile to give our students the correct tools needed to grow and succeed. 

After successfully running children’s classes AGL then began running classes for adults. We currently offer adult aerial hoop, aerial yoga, aerial silks and stretch group classes as well as private adult classes in straps, rope, silks, trapeze, sling and hoop.



Suzie Aries,

Fantastic team, great venue, really covid safe and clean. Very encouraging of me with my struggles and lack of strength post surgeries. I can see myself making improvements each week and it's because they are so patient with me and helpful with the things I am struggling with. Awesome and inspiring demonstrations. All round awesome company! Highly recommended 😊

Ella Harte,

I’ve been going to the aerial hoop class for 4 weeks now and I absolutely love it! There have been different people with different skill levels every week but as a beginner myself I have always felt completely welcome and have always had plenty of attention and coaching from the teacher. Definitely recommend!

Dani Dutra,

An amazing place with fantastic team/instructors, I feel at home. I’m being encouraged and supported to progress by being challenged while also building a strong foundation and respecting my body’s limits, which is so important. On top of the visible progress in skills and body strength, this place also plays a crucial part in helping me manage my mental health - it’s one of my little bubbles of mindfulness and happiness. Can’t praise Nathalie and Amanda enough for their skills and care. Would give more stars if I could - wish I had discovered the studio earlier!

Rebecca Tubridy,

Excellent Aerial Hoop sessions, the instructors are really friendly, professional and incredibly talented. They put you at ease and help you progress quickly. They have been great at keeping to covid restrictions and keeping everyone safe. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Scarlett Maltman,

Fantastic teachers. I came to Aerial Gymnastics after a rest from the hoop, thanks to the lovely Nathalie and Dani I was feeling confident and much stronger on the hoop in about a month. Lovely studio, friendly prices and the teachers really care about those who they are teaching. Having been to a few hoop studios, this is my favourite! High recommend!x

Penny Haywood,

We booked a joint birthday party for 3 of our gymnasts. The organisation was superb and the girls had a fantastic time.  Thank you Nathalie and Amanda.

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