Nathalie Alison 

Founder /  AGL Head Coach 
Nathalie Alison
Nathalie Alison

Nathalie Alison, owner of Aerial Gymnastics London has a circus and gymnastics background starting from age 4.


Nathalie was a gymnast in her early years from 4 - 11 before beginning circus classes at age 13.

Since starting circus Nathalie went onto study circus full time age 16 - 18 with further training in Italy age 18 - 19. Able to cover a wide range of skills she teaches; Static Trapeze, Chinese Pole, Acrobatics, Aerial Hoop, Dance Trapeze, Acrobalance and Handstands.

Nathalie is both Director and Head coach at AGL. She founded AGL in 2017 starting with just one weekly class for children!

Whilst continuing to grow Aerial Gymnastics London nathalie is also still working as a professional circus performer. She has done corporate work, tv adverts, music videos, cruise shows, international shows and has also worked for various theatre companies including Upswing, Feathers of Daedalus Circus, Les Femmes, Metta Theatre and many more! 

Please watch the below video to see a glimpse of Nathalie in action!