Deep Stretch / Flexibility

Let us teach you our secrets to safely improving your flexibility

​Why is stretching so important?

Stretching helps keep our muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Naturally without stretching our muscles can shorten and become tight. This class has been designed to teach you safe techniques for stretching your muscles which you can then take home to continue practicing!

Whilst stretching is it important to learn correct techniques to avoid injury. Lack of knowledge can result in torn muscles so please join us and learn how to safely increase your flexibility. We will work on the whole body however this class will mainly focus on your backs, shoulders, hamstrings and hip flexors. 

Always dreamt of having that perfect split? Then you're looking in the right place!

Please remember, the key to achieving goals like the splits or a perfect bridge requires dedication and commitment to stretching.

Our deep stretch class is 75 mins long and costs £12  to drop-in.

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Anyone booked onto a recurring membership with us will be able to join our stretch classes for free!


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