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Professional Development

Open Training for professional circus performers aged 18+

Here at AGL we now offer professional artist training for those aged 18+ working as professional circus performers. These training sessions are subsidised by AGL to allow professionals access to open training for lower rates. In order to book these training sessions, you must first complete our application form and be approved. Whilst everyone is allowed to apply, we cannot guarantee everyone will be accepted. We will process your application within 48hrs (not including weekends). If you are putting in an urgent application please call 07477804630 for us to fast track your application at no additional cost. 

Once accepted you will then have to pay a £10 membership fee, this fee is a yearly fee. To apply for our PAT training please fill in the attached membership form below and email it to You will then need to book in for an indication to be approved.

Our open training sessions will cost £10 for 2.45hrs (usually £12 for 90mins for our regular open training sessions)

The opening training will take place inside our gymnastics studio. Here we have 5  silks 5 point systems. In addition to this, all points are hung above a sprung gymnastics floor with additional soft matting around the sprung floor. There is a trampoline in this room however this is strictly not allowed to be used in open training. 

STEP 1: Application Form

Please download our application below, and email it to

We will process your application with 48hrs. If we are unable to approve your application you must wait 6 months before re-apply, however, you are also able to appeal this decision. 




Once you have been approved you will then need to pay your membership fee. This fee costs £10 and is a yearly fee. 

After your membership fee is paid you must book in for an induction. Our inductions take 20 minutes and can be done at the start of your first opening training. 


Congratulations on getting approved for our PTA training sessions!

You are all done and will now have access on your account to book onto these sessions, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Aerial Silks Classes London AGL
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