1-Day Adult Aerial Intensive
Next date: Aerial Straps, Hoop, Bungee & Deep Stretch

Next intensive date: 14th August 10am - 3.30pm @ £65






Welcome to AGL's first adult 1 day intensive! 8 Spaces only!!

Designed to bring you x4 workshops in one day and give you an insight into what it's like to train full time as an aerialist!

This course is open to everyone and as always bookable on a first come first serve basis.

August 14th Schedule:

10am - 10.15am Warm Up
10.15am - 11.30am Straps
11.30am - 12.45pm Bungee
12.45 - 1.30pm Lunch Break
1.30 - 2.45pm Aerial Hoop
2.45 - 3.30pm Deep Stretch/Cool Down

Workshop Details as follows:

1) Aerial Hoop Strops and Spins
During this workshop, we will focus on finding that perfect spin and how to make the best from the strop! A "strop" is the connection from the aerial hoop to the carabiner/swivels. Whilst using this piece of equipment above the hoop you will get a chance to learn new hoop techniques as you lift, twist and drop around the strop. After focusing on strop work, we will finish the workshop by finding that perfect spin! Learn the techniques on how to get your hoop spinning and how to find that spinning sweet spot every time!

2) Bungee

Suspended on a bungee cord attached to your hips, you can explore three-dimensional manoeuvres that fully engage each and every muscle. Whether it’s finding flow while rebounding back and forth, or diving headfirst towards the ground, jumping into the air like Superman, or suspended Mission Impossible-style floating just inches above the floor.
You can explore ballerina pirouette style turns, and dance jumps that may have always been out of reach before. With bungee, you will build strength, flexibility, and core stability while you play. Allowing you to discover and create freedom and resilience that extends, beyond the bungee, into the rest of your life.

3) Straps Hands and Feet

During this 75minute workshop, we will skip the conditioning and get straight to the fun! We will begin by learning different positions and combinations whilst holding the straps before switching over to put our feet in the loops! Now standing in the straps you'll get a chance to use the straps in new ways. A workshop of exploring new techniques and to finish... spinning!

4) Stretch

We will finish the day with a nice and deep stretch, giving your body a chance to relax, destress and unwind after a full day of aerial training.

**Please note, in order to run this course, we must meet a minimum number of participants. In the event we have to cancel a full refund will be given to those booked on**

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