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Are you looking for a new way to get fit?


Do you want to mix up your fitness routine by trying something new?


You've come to the right place! Aerial hoop is a fun and newer way to push your fitness to the next level. Suspended from the ceiling you'll get to hang, lift and twist your way around a metal ring. This class is not only designed to improve general fitness but will also improve your strength, flexibility, stamina and most importantly your metal health a you take an hour for yourself. 

All classes are 1 hour long with a maximum capacity of 6 participants. Due to Covid-19 all participants will have their own hoop and must maintain social distancing at all times.

Still unsure what exactly is involved? Just watch the video of our instructor Daniela to have a better idea of what you could learn with us!

Please note, we recommend booking in advance to avoid  as disappointment as classes do fill fast! All booking must be done online via our booking system.

Ready to start something new? Well just click the button below, you won't regret it!

We promise you're in safe hands! All our AGL coaches are carefully picked out for their exceptional aerial knowledge and teaching experience!

We like to think of ourselves as more than just a studio but a safe space. Take some time for yourself and we'll support you every step of the way!

We are lucky enough to have lots of amazing people taking our classes. It's a great way to socialise and meet new people whilst having fun and getting fit!




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