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Aerial Gymnastics London (AGL) is London’s only aerial school combining gymnastic and circus elements within the same class. Based in East London Beckton AGL was originally founded in 2017 as a safe environment for children aged 5-16 to learn new skills. AGL offers all students a comprehensive learning environment filled with a variety of support and enjoyment. With us you will follow a carefully laid out program designed to combine gymnastics and circus skills such as acrobatics, aerial hoop, aerial sling and trapeze. Your children will learn with our incredibly talented and inspiring coaches who all have many years experience performing as a gymnast and in the circus industry. Our team members will go the extra mile to give our students the correct tools needed to grow and succeed. 

After successfully running children’s classes AGL then began running classes for adults. We currently offer adult aerial hoop group classes as well as private adult classes in trapeze, sling and hoop. Here at AGL we welcome people of all ages, abilities and experience. 


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